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 Simple Rules

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PostSubject: Simple Rules   Simple Rules Icon_minitimeTue Nov 16, 2010 10:26 am

There is not much of us being strict about in Linkshell, this is just to keep our community clean, organized, and loyal.

*Be active! I will start kicking someone who hasn't been online for more than two weeks. Let us know here if you're in vacation. I don't mind if you login once in a week.

*Respect the Linkshell! We don't want to keep rude members in linkshell. It's irritating.

*Communicate! Let us know at least for once in awhile that you're really part of the linkshell. Sitting quietly could make others think you're a spy who'll suicide bomb.

*Do not beg! Most of us would really like to help our linkshell members. So be patient, make a request, and do not beg!

*Do not offer another Linshell! Do not ask to join your other linkshell in our /linkshell. You can ask our member by /tell if she/he wants to join.

*No bossy! Do not take too high of yourself and boss around. Even if you know a lot than others, doesn't mean you expect them to follow you around. It's part of being rude. If you think you're doing the right way/thing, speak nicely.


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Simple Rules
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